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Tenders - Sale of assets under Sec.29 of State Financial Corporations act, 1951

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Corporate Office :

Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation

5-9-194, PB No:165 Chirag Ali Lane

Hyderabad - 500001

Tel. Ph No: + 91 40  23201646, 23202550

Mob: + 91 9866512503 / 502 / 501

Website: www.apsfc.com. Mail: ho@apsfc.com

Andhra Division    

Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation  

Plot OS No.2, 2nd Cross , 3rd Road,

 Industrial Park, Auto Nagar,  Vijayawada - 520007 

Landline: 0866-2463900/924




Loan Application Forms can be downloaded from "Products & Services" Tab. The cost of Application, Rs.500/- will be collected at the time of submission of Application.

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