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Other Branches  

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N.Rojendra Reddy
Senior Branch Manager

P.No.E1,Phase 2, Industrial Estate, District collector office to RIMS road
Kadapa -516 004,
Phone 08562-244421


 email                        :



Branch Profile

The economy of the district is predominantly agrarian in nature. Around 75% of the population is enagaged in agricultural and allied activities for their livelihood

Though there is a shortage of water for agriculture purposes, a considerable extent of area is under agriculture in the district. The Principal crops grown in the district are Paddy, Jowar, Groundnut, bajra, Red gram, Sunflower, Turmeric, Chillics, Cotton, Coriander anCuddapah District is one of the most potential district for the development of various horticultural crops. The soil and climate conditions of the district are most suitable for growing horticultural crops. Cuddapah district dispite having low rainfall has proned to be a congenial place for Citrus Plantations and Mango orchards, Onions etc. The important fruits grown in the district are Mango, Sweet Orange, Lime, Banana, Guava, Sapota and Papayya

Cuddapah district is endowed with rich mineral resources particularly Barytes, Asbestos, Lime Stone, Clay etc. The Barytes deposits in Management area are considered to be the best and largest in the World. Pulivendla area is engaging monopoly in superior christolite asbestos deposits in the State.Limestone, clay,quartz and dolomite are also available for benefication.The stae also is known for cudapah slabs.

Branch jurisdiction: Entire District
Statutory restrictions if any in the district: Nil
Unique features / Govt.concessions / if any:
State Investment Subsity @ 15%

Some of the line of activities in the district

01 Rice Milling & paraboiling rice mills
02 Cement plants
03 Cudapah slabs
04 Steel based units
05 Engineering industries
06 Fruit Processing Units such as mango,citrus Etc.

Branch Performance for the last 3 years in Key Result Areas (Rs Lakhs)

Key Areas 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Sanctions 2566.00 2545 2450.00
Disbursements 2142.28 2849.18 783.41
Recoveries 4409.32 3808.24 3723.91


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