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Other Branches  


Branch Name :               Nellore                   


Contact Person     :     Sri. S. Madan Mohan

                                       Branch Manager


                                       Plot No. B-12 A,Industrial Estate,
GNT Road, A.K. Nagar, Dargamitta
                                       Nellore - 524 004,

                                       S.P.S Nellore Dist.
                                       Phone: 0861-2331600, 9866512549

 email :                         nellore@apsfc.com


Branch Profile
Branch jurisdiction: Entire District
Statutory restrictions if any in the district:

Department of Forest and Environment, New Delhi has announced areas around pulikat lake i.e Pannamgadu, Tada areas as “ Abhayaranya” and issued notices to the existing industrial units for vacation to safeguard the pulikat lake from pollution and not allowing further polluting units in this areas. The total area is declared as Non Polluting lands. Hence, no polluting industries are allowed in this area.

Unique features / Govt.concessions / if any:
The District is eligible for 20% State Subsidy.

Some of the line of activities in the district

1.Rice Mills
2.Boiled Rice Mills
3. Hotels, Star Hotels
4. Earth Moving Equipment
5. Paddy Harvesters


6. PVC pipes
7. Prawn Hatchery
8. Citric Acid
9. Pulverisers
10. Milk Processing Plants


Branch Performance for the  last 3 years in Key Result Areas  (Rs Lakhs)

Key Areas 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Sanctions 3794.00 2076.00 2644.45
Disbursements 1697.31 1689.15 1039.82
Recoveries 3937.55 3426.18 3201.76




Loan Application Forms can be downloaded from "Products & Services" Tab. The cost of Application, Rs.500/- will be collected at the time of submission of Application.

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