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Auction Notice

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Tenders - Sale of assets under Sec.29 of State Financial Corporations act, 1951

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Service Charge



Application And Processing

Cost of Various Loan Application Forms
For loans from Rs.0.50 lakhs to Rs.10.00 lakhs(including Composite  Loans)


For loans above Rs.10.00 lakhs upto Rs.15.00 lakhs


For loans above Rs.15.50 lakhs 


Up-front Fee

Up-front fee @ 0.50% of loan amount is payable before initial disbursement for all the loans.However ,no upfront fee is payable in case of the following categories:

a) Working Capital Term Loans.
b) Loans under RSR Scheme.
c) Loans under Composite Scheme,Scheme for physically handicapped and SC/ST entrepreneurs.
d) Loans upto Rs.2.00 lakhs(including existing outstanding) to Small and Tiny Sector Industrial Projects(excluding SRTOs)
e) Soft loan (equity type) assistance under NEF,SEMFEX,MUN Schemes.
f) Refinance Scheme for Technology Development and Modernization of SSI units.
g) Refinance Scheme for Acquisition of ISO 9000 Series Certification.
Service Charges
The service charges payable are as under:
Composite Loans Nil
Other loans upto Rs.5.00 lakhs Rs.1000/-
Loans above  Rs.5.00 lakhs 0.50% of the loan amount
Public Issue Appraisals: 100.00
Projects up to Rs.10.00 crores 0.1% of the Project Cost.
Projects above Rs.10.00 crores and up to Rs.20.00 crores Rs.1.00 lakh + Rs.5000/- for every crore and part thereof in excess of Rs.10 crores
Projects above Rs.20.00 crores and up to Rs.50.00 crores Rs.1.30 lakh + Rs.2000/- for every crore and part thereof in excess of Rs.20 crores
Projects above Rs.50.00 crores Rs.1.90 lakh + Rs.1000/- for every crore and part thereof in excess of Rs.50 crores


Loan Application Forms can be downloaded from "Products & Services" Tab. The cost of Application, Rs.500/- will be collected at the time of submission of Application.

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