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Branch Name               :   Warangal  

Contact Person         :     Sri B.C. Prasad
                                        Branch M

                                       D.No. 7-1-4, Beside District Central Library,
Balasamudram, Hanumakonda,
- 506 001
                                       Phone: 0870-2572229, 99493 58503  

email                     :       warangal@apsfc.com

Branch Profile

Branch jurisdiction: Entire District

Statutory restrictions if any in the district:1of70 under LTR Act is covered in tribal Agency Tarck of Eturnagaram, Kottaguda, guder etc. Mandals.

Unique features / Govt.concessions / if any:
The entire district is eligible for Govt.subsidy.The district is having tourist attractions such as historical monuments like Fort Warangal , Ramappa temple, Thousand pillar temple etc. built during Kakatiya"s Dynasty.

Some of the line of activities in the district:

1. Rice Mills
2. Earth Moving Equipments 
3. Stone Crushers 
4. Seed processing 
5. Leather Tanning 
6. Cold storages
7. Granite cutting
8. Borewells
9. Parboiled
10.Nursing Homes.      

Branch Performance for the  last 3 years in Key Result Areas  (Rs Lakhs)

Key Areas 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Sanctions 4429.60 3117.50 2897.5
Disbursements 2759.11 1887.99 2351.35
Recoveries 2862.43 3033.34 3392.89


Loan Application Forms can be downloaded from "Products & Services" Tab. The cost of Application, Rs.500/- will be collected at the time of submission of Application.

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