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Tenders - Sale of assets under Sarfaesi act, 2002

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Approved List of Consultants for Empanelment for conducting TEV studies.

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Tenders - Sale of assets under Sarfaesi act, 2002

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Tenders - Sale of assets under Sec.29 of State Financial Corporations act, 1951

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Un audited half year Financial results as on 31.03.2019

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Other Branches  

Branch Name    : Hyderabad           


Contact Person : Sri CH Nagarjuna Rao

                              Senior Manager

                             D.No. 5-9-194, Chirag Ali line,

                            APSFC Building,

                            Hyderabad 500001 
                            Phone: 040-23204106, 9959888576



email:                 hyderabad@apsfc.com


Branch Profile

Branch jurisdiction: Entire District

Statutory restrictions if any in the district:Polluting Industries are not permitted.No Investment subsidy.

Unique features / Govt.concessions / if any:

Some of the line of activities in the district:

1.    Commercial Complexes/Residential Complexes
2.    Nursing Homes/Hospitals
3.    Hotels/Restaurants
4.    Software Development/Medical Trasncriptions
5.    Bore Well Rigs/Excavators/TPT loan
6.    Solvent bid Extractions
7.    Biscuits Manufacturing
8.    Diagnostic Centers
9.    Cinema Autography units
10.  Offset Printing

Branch Performance for the  last 3 years in Key Result Areas  (Rs Lakhs)

Key Areas  2015-16  2016-17 2017-18
Sanctions 10877.45 2362.09 12906
Disbursements  5612.79 3948.39 5083.93
Recoveries  6745.74 6701.63 9942.32


Loan Application Forms can be downloaded from "Products & Services" Tab. The cost of Application, Rs.500/- will be collected at the time of submission of Application.

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