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Tenders - Sale of assets under Sarfaesi act, 2002

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Other Branches  

Branch Name               :   Kurnool        


Contact Person            :  Sri B.Ambru Naik

                                         Branch Manager   

                                         D.No. 50/706-C, Gooty Road,

                                         Opp. Birla Guest House,B camp, 
                                         Kurnool-518 002 
                                         Land line :08518229056, Mobile No: 9989334304

 email                          :   kurnool@apsfc.com








Branch Profile

Kurnool district has got a strong agricultural background ,about 70% of the working population of the district is either directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture and allied activities.The major cash crops are cotton,tobacco and groundnut are extensively grown.Other principal food crops are jowar,bajra,paddy.Thungabhadra and Handri are the major rivers flowing through the district and are major sources for irrigation.

The district also has deposits of iron ore at Veldurthy and other areas and also has deposits of granite in the areas of Adoni, Krishnagiri etc

Major line of activities in the district

01 Rice Milling
02 Iron ore related projects such as sponge iron
03 Oil & Fats
04 Dall Milling
05 Granite and slab polishing
06 General engineering

07. Cotton Ginning & Pressing


Branch Performance for the  last 3 years in Key Result Areas  (Rs Lakhs)

Key Areas 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Sanctions 4448.00 3296.00 1074
Disbursements 3356.98 2510.24 1745.34
Recoveries 4181.75 4333.54 3265.35







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